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Each Rad Guard comes with its own easy to read fitting instructions. The Rad Guards is bolted onto existing mounting points. There is NO cutting or alterations needed to fit this Rad Guard.

High grade 6060 aluminium Expanded mesh is used to protect the radiator core along with a ridged Aluminium frame that also acts as a brace.
The Expanded Mesh has proven to be the perfect choice to use because of its strength and air flow ability.
The Expanded Mesh sits off your radiator core by 10-15mm, so even a direct hit from a stone, bird or any other road debris will save your radiator core from certain damage.

All Rad Guards already come with rubber backing where necessary to alleviate any rubbing or vibration.
All Rad Guards come with a 3 Year transferable Warranty.

Protect you radiator and order your Rad Guard today.

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